Reworks Massage and Tech LLC

Why Massage and Technology?  Honestly, I love both and could not let go of either when I formed Reworks. Besides the cross-over jokes (electro-shock massage therapy, etc), however, Reworks Massage and Technology is truly a genre-crossing entity.  Whether I am Engineering or providing Excellent Bodywork, the more important part of the title is in the Reworks and that is the part I emphasize.

Reworks is a word chosen for its progressive attitude, without creating contrast.  Much of the massage industry is focused on healing, self-improvement, recovery and pretty much any other term meant to make you feel like you aren’t doing your best and that they are the only ones who can help you.  By choosing instead to say that I ‘rework’ my clients (and their electronic devices) I offer a less polarized view on their self view: we are simply changing from one state to another.

About MeThe Therapist

A graduate of the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy, I opened Reworks in 2015 with the intent to connecting the tech-comic-adventure-etc minded people I had love and adore with their bodies once again.

I have a specialty in Oncology Massage and Mindful Expressionism, both of which I am proud to offer as part of my standard services.  Some of my other ‘achievements’ and responsibilities include: