Self Care and Health, One Byte at a Time.


Reworks Massage and Tech LLC

I founded Reworks with the intent of providing knowledge, seeking understanding, serving quality and added a big scoop of geeky enthusiasm to the massage world (and vice-versa) in 2015.  After working for a few other studios and finding a measure of dissatisfaction I was handed the opportunity to begin exploring massage (and technology) on my own.  Today Reworks is primarily a business focused on massage, striving to connect a person’s health to their mind and attempt to fuse in a little musculo-skeletal otaku into their way of thinking.

Besides the amazing bodywork and unique studio experience I run an educational and entertainment advertising campaign on YouTube, a once-a-fortnight adventure in helping clients understand the geek body and how to enhance its natural abilities with massage therapy.

The TherapistThe Therapist

The bridge between science, humanity and bodywork, Cori is your ambassador to your Happy Healthy Self.  Graduating in 2015 from the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy, they opened Reworks with the hope of connecting the tech-comic-adventure-etc minded people they had come to know and love with the magnificence of excellent bodywork and its power to healthily bring them back to earth.  The Therapist is on a mission in uncharted waters, seeking the keys to the mysterious mind of their geek brethren so they can enable them to not just grow, but flourish!

Cori also has a specialty in Oncology Massage, is a Minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is a Host for the Dancing Root Community, loves Linux and (most) open source software and is fascinated with the mind, its body and their often ignored and untapped potential.

The Lab, err Studio

Located at 1615 California Street Suite 321, Reworks’ Lab is a quaint and clean office on the third floor of the Colorado Building.  With just enough space for massage and technology, Suite 321 is a welcoming sight to veteran clients and n00b geeks alike.  Beautiful art adorn the walls, posters of Doctor Strange, Bart and Doc Who stand guard while Yoda maintains the peace with dice and saber at ready.

The Wall
The wall of accolades, writings and art.
Change Room
Privacy while preparing for bodywork.
Table from Entrance
View of the table and guarding Doctor.
Table and Paraphanalia
The area of work with tools.
Guarding the lightsaber and dice.
Massage Tools of the Trade

A foreign star-field oversees the scene with its calm watchfulness, where bodywork, science, technology and the mysteries of the universe come together.  No need to seek the wonders of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, they are already at home at Reworks Massage (and Tech).

Cosmic Doctor