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Why live with those aches, pains and life-affecting discomfort when great massage is just right around the corner…

Down the Street


Conveniently located at 16th Street and California, Suite 321.  With flexible hours let Reworks Massage help you experience…

Life Changing Physical Health.


Experience more energy, less pain, better flexibility to help you Reset, feel Rejuvenated and Return to your Happy Healthy Self.  Bodywork…

Like nowhere else.


Offered to my fellow geeks, open to everyone, come visit one of the most unique massage studios in the Denver area.

What is Reworks?

Reworks Massage is the answer to geeks everywhere who feel the strain of their lives working on their bodies and are tired of shouting “Kaaaaaaaahhn!!!!”.

There’s no comparison to waking up in the morning feeling ready for your day, nothing that is like finding you can move more agilely and finally feeling ‘in your skin’.

And when your least favorite chores become easier to handle, imagine how you will feel about favorite activities!

Think of it as less of a stat buff and more of a long-term systems upgrade; guaranteed improvement in feeling, smoother motion and comfort and endurance for the daily grind.  The result: winning!

From specific issues to general maintenance, Reworks is the studio for your Geek+ adventure.


and let’s get your self-care rolling, one byte at a time.

Latest Articles

Stand in the place where you are.

An argument for Yoga

I hate Y.O.G.A.  It’s sexy, fashionable, unfocused, accessible and popular.  Everyone is doing it.  Basic accreditation is easy and unregulated.  (But with a little more effort one could say the same thing about Massage Therapy.  Get what you get, I suppose.)  The point being: it’s an external practice, often shallow and one that very rarely […]

Vitamin T: No Prescription Required

After graduation life felt like it was going to be going great.  I was doing the work I wanted to do: helping people heal!  Taking my work seriously, I never told anybody that I was a healer, always referring myself and other bodyworkers as therapists.  Yet the image is hard to escape, the compliments challenging […]

Stretches, Muscles and Visualization

I Hate stretching.  It hurts, it’s time consuming and I don’t ever see much improvement.  Besides, most of the time I feel just fine.  I mean, my back aches a lot.  And my hamstrings are still crazy tight.  My left side hurts just a little.  But yeah, I feel fine. I Love visualizations, though, and […]

Fun with Star Wars

Star Wars and the Truth

The truth OK, I know that I have been adamant about keeping my massage practice “clean”, ie no hippy-dippy, meditation, chakras, astrology, etc and this is how I intend to keep it.  But the little truth you should know, with a lower case ‘t’, is that I practice Buddhism.  And the other little truth you […]

The mail client, not the car.

Enable OAuth2 for Thunderbird, No More (probably) Gmail “Less Secure Authentication”

The Thunderbird/Gmail Dilemma I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird fooooorreeeevvvvveeeerrrr because it is the same interface on all operating systems and has been a nice, consistent system to use.  And it works great in the tray in Linux. 🙂 For about as long as I have been using Thunderbird I have been using it to […]

Choosing a therapist

Choosing a Therapist: Why go private?

As some of you may know I spend a lot of time on the RTD bus and rail system.  It’s usually a relaxing adventure, riding back and forth from work: quiet, meditative and without the struggle of driving in Denver and finding a place to park.  There are usually a plethora of people to watch […]

Reset Episode 4: Board Gaming

Good Morning Adventurers! Today we are exploring how to improve your gaming skills: Here are the links that I found to support this claim:

Reset, Res-et, Re-Set

Hi everybody! I (and Reworks) am proud to announce the Reworks Reset video help guide adventure. Semi-weekly (or whenever the film crew gets back from Endor) I will be posting a fun, useful and hopefully educational video tidbit for your viewing pleasure. Last week we had the Introduction video, which I hope you enjoyed immensely. […]

We are not Psychic Ninjas

When I sit down with a client and ask them how best I can help them today, the first thing that is on my mind is how best I can provide for them the space to be comfortable, not just on the table, but in communicating with me their desires, discomforts and anything else that might […]