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Card Rules and Tutorial


Welcome to the Reworks Collectable Card Tutorial! Collecting these cards is an adventure in and of itself because while the most common cards are always available, the rarer ones take your free minutes from just a minor body touch up to the very best full body rework that you (may or may not) know you need.


First, some rules:

  1. Trading in (Discarding) cards can only happen once an Event or once ever at the Studio. For example, say you have 2 Hands of the Wizard and you collected a Knee of Great Pressure at a board gaming Event. You may use either of the Hands of the Wizard at the current Event for 5 minutes of free Event massage (without Enhancement, of course) once, but not the Knee of Great Pressure. You can also book a Studio session and get 10 free extra minutes with either on of the Hands of the Wizard or the Knee of Great Pressure, but once you Discard in this way you may never use that card (UnEnhanced) at the Studio again.
  2. Enhancing cards and then Discarding them at either the Studio or an Event is fine, even if you have previously used any of those cards before. Generally speaking, however, that combination cannot be used again at the Studio.
  3. Any weirdness, magic or other shenanigans is handled at the Wizard’s discretion (Cori) and I reserve the right to refuse free minutes to anybody for any reason at any time.


OK, now the fun part: playing the game! The first thing you need to do is send me your Email so that I can add you to the Reworks Adventures mailing list. This is an at-least-once-a-month letter informing you of where I will be and what I will be doing. Not every Event I attend is equal and some you will have a higher chance of finding those unusual or rare cards.

Pretty Graphic

Once you have some Tool cards and some Enhancements in your deck you can start figuring out what would be a good combination to maximize your free minutes. There are basically two ways to do this:

  1. STACKING: If a card is marked with a Stack Limit greater than 0 you may stack this with any other card that also has a Stack Limit equal to or greater than this card’s. The card with the highest Stack Limit sets the deck’s limit and is considered the Bottom card.  Cards stack with their Level of Card or less, except for Gold Level cards which do not stack with other Gold Level cards.
  2. ENHANCING: If a card has an orange line on at least the right hand (East) edge it is Enhanceable. This means that an Enhancement card can be discarded with it, connected to that side of the card. Cards may have Enhancement slots on the East, West, North and South edges. Some Enhancement cards can be Enhanced themselves. Some Enhancements add Enhancement slots to their Base card.  Enhancements can only be applied to their level or less of card, except for Gold Level cards, which cannot be Enhanced by other Gold Level Cards.
  3. DISCARDING: Return your card(s) in whatever configuration you think works best for you to the Wizard at any Event or at the beginning of a booked Studio session. Discarding involves resolving your cards, starting with the top-most Stacked card in the deck. All Enhancements are calculated on that card first, then the resulting number of minutes is added to the next card down with it’s Enhancements and so on until the Base card is reached. All cards are then returned to the Wizard and the number of minutes is applied appropriately to either the Event or Studio session.


Base Card

The card which Enhancements have been applied to.  Can be any valid card in a Deck.

Bottom Card

The card at the bottom of the Discard Deck.  This is usually the card with the highest Stack Limit.


A collection of cards that are stacked and potentially Enhanced that are ready to be Discarded for free minutes of massage.


To lay out a Deck of cards to maximum desired effect and trade them in at an Event or at a Booked Session for free minutes of massage.


A card that has one or more Enhancement Cards applied to it.  See also Base Card.

Enhancement Card

A card that changes the capabilities of its Base Card.  Can multiply the number of minutes, modify the Stack Limit, modify the Enhancement slots and even provide other Enhancement slots itself.

Enhancement Override

When an Enhancement Card creates extra Enhancement slots on its Base Card.


Gaming, Cosplay, Geek-related event that I attend to provide massage therapy to.   Join the mailing list to find out where the next one will be!

Shiny Cards

Shiny cards cannot be Stacked with or Enhanced by other Shiny cards.


The act of placing another card on top of another card in order to add up their minutes.  The Bottom Card dictates the maximum number of cards that can be stacked on top of it.


The Reworks Massage Studio, where you can receive amazing bodywork.  This is the only place that Studio free minutes can be Discarded and once a type of card has been used here it cannot be used again.