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Policies Etc.

Reworks Policy and Paperwork

Download PDF of Reworks Intake Form Here

Practice Policy

The following policies must be agreed to before bodywork of any type will be performed. These policies are here to protect the client as well as the practitioner and are intended to clearly lay out the expectations for both before, during and after the session.

By signing and dating the Reworks Intake Form you explicitly agree to all current and future revisions of my Practice Policies.  You will be kept current via your email address about changes in these policies.

Session Policies

  1. Massage is strictly non-sexual. Any act on your part, verbal, physical or otherwise, that can be interpreted as being of or having a sexual nature will result in the session immediately ending.
  2. Any signs or symptoms that are contra-indicated for massage (fever, undiagnosed skin irritations, contagious infections, skin lacerations or open wounds) that the client has will automatically prevent the session from beginning or continuing. Issues of this nature would not benefit the client and could negatively impact the practitioner. I would be happy to reschedule once the issue(s) have cleared up or treated.
  3. Each client is required to fill out a Health Intake Form in order to provide a safe and quality-centered session. The client is responsible for the accuracy of this document and to also provide notification of any changes to their health status prior to each session.
  4. All client records and sessions are kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone without the clients written consent.
  5. Massage is a therapeutic tool for enhancing well-being and can be beneficial in conjunction with other allopathic (Western medicine) and homeopathic therapies. It is, however, not a substitute for medical treatment. Massage therapists are not qualified to diagnose conditions, prescribe treatments or perform spinal/skeletal manipulations. Any information imparted by the therapist in the course of the treatment should not be construed as such.

Timing Policies

Arrival Time

Please arrive at your scheduled time in order to fill out the required paperwork, time is included in the session.


If you need to change your appointment time, give me a call at 720-295-8131 or send an email to at least 24 hours before the appointment date. More than 2 rebooked appointments less than 24 hours in advance will require future appointments to be pre-paid.

No Show

No shows will be charged full price for the appointment. Future bookings will require pre-payment.

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