Stand in the place where you are.

An argument for Yoga

I hate

Y.O.G.A.  It’s sexy, fashionable, unfocused, accessible and popular.  Everyone is doing it.  Basic accreditation is easy and unregulated.  (But with a little more effort one could say the same thing about Massage Therapy.  Get what you get, I suppose.)  The point being: it’s an external practice, often shallow and one that very rarely comes off the mat.

Everyone should be able to Y.O.G.A. here.

But I love

yoga.  I attempt to yoga every second I am aware.  I breath yoga, I eat yoga, I type, massage, drive and read yoga.  I even sometimes yoga my meditation.  I do it well or I don’t, but it is always happening.


Still don’t have my lotus down.

Because yoga

can literally translate as to ‘yoke’ one’s mind.  It does not require poses, mantras, incense or the like, just regular, focused practice.  And it’s a lot of work!  My massage teacher wasn’t kidding when she used the phrase “monkey mind”: every little thing grabs my attention, pulls my mind in whatever direction it decides to go and my heart bleeds or burns along with it.

Who knew

we have a choice, though?  So when you get on the Y.O.G.A. mat, the zabutan, join your Thai Chi class or wipe the dance floor know why you are there; do you want a beautiful body or are you willing to discover your beautiful mind?

And if

you need help in reaching a state of bliss, naturally give me a call.  We can yoga together.

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