Stretches, Muscles and Visualization

I Hate

stretching.  It hurts, it’s time consuming and I don’t ever see much improvement.  Besides, most of the time I feel just fine.  I mean, my back aches a lot.  And my hamstrings are still crazy tight.  My left side hurts just a little.  But yeah, I feel fine.

I Love

visualizations, though, and when a friend of mine connected me to this webpage maybe I wasn’t inspired to do more stretching, but I was intrigued with the excellent visual presentation of what exactly I was doing when I did stretch.


There are a number of great stretches in here that I highly recommend using and maybe between you and me and these pretty pictures we can both benefit a little.  Par example:

Neck Stretches

Thumb wars with the Internet.

If you do a lot of the action pictured above, these are great for you because your neck is feeling abused and can’t take it anymore.  By practicing:

  • 7. Lateral Side Flexion of the Neck
  • 8. Neck Rotation Stretch
  • 9. Neck Extension Stretch
  • 10. Lateral Side Flexion of the Neck with Hand Assistance

the already shortened muscles of your neck will have the opportunity to lengthen again and you will be less prone to headaches induced by these overworked muscles.

Recovery from Sitting

If I curl closer, my purpose in life becomes more clear!

Don’t be fooled, your longevity and health has very little to do with your top score in your favorite game (or achievement or new armor or whatever).  Try performing (carefully)

  • 11. Half Kneeling Quad / Hip Flexor Stretch
  • 15. Lat Stretch with Spinal Traction
  • 16. Lat Stretch at the Wall
  • 20. Seated Forward Fold
  • 21. Single Leg Forward Bend

before, during at intervals (start at about every hour or so and see how it feels) and after your intense hacking sessions to not only make your walking experience after more enjoyable, but your next session relaxing and easier to work through.  Adding 22. Deep Squat wouldn’t hurt either.

Walken / Walking A Lot

Spike the ground, show it who's boss.

Even without high heels this gal doesn’t look comfortable.  Also without high heels, these stretches will help your legs recover from a full day of pounding the cement:

  • 11. Half Kneeling Quad
  • 14. Standing Assisted Neck Flexion Stretch
  • 18. Standing Calf Stretch
  • 23. Seated Half King Pidgin Pose
  • 26. Supine Twist
  • 33. Down Dog Variation at the Wall

If that wasn’t enough

Hanging off window sill is a stretch, right?

Try them all out anyway, because with careful application you can always use more movement and flexibility in your life!

And of course, please feel free to call on me for help.  I’m pulling for you, we are all in this together.

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