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Star Wars and the Truth

The truth

OK, I know that I have been adamant about keeping my massage practice “clean”, ie no hippy-dippy, meditation, chakras, astrology, etc and this is how I intend to keep it.  But the little truth you should know, with a lower case ‘t’, is that I practice Buddhism.  And the other little truth you should know is that though one may be against religion or spirituality in general, it can’t be denied that G. Lucas provided us with some subtle incites that certainly took me some studying to start recognizing and valuing.

Three Subtle Star Wars truths

There are a lot more than three, but it is a good start.  There are also a number of things that are not so great about Star Wars that one should be aware of, but that’s not what I am going to concentrate on today.  Grain of salt, you should take your entertainment with, mmMMmm.

1. Patients

Yep, earn that biscuit.

My Thai Chi teacher has a great saying whenever somebody asks about when will we be able to do the technique he is demonstrating: “How long will it take?  As long as it takes.”  This is always accompanied by a coy smile and a little nod.  And this is a truth; I definitely spend a lot of time daydreaming about when I will be somewhere, someone or doing something else and it’s AMAZING how awesome I am in that dream.

Then I trip over a stone in the sidewalk.  Or cut myself slicing an apple.  Or, in this case, get a stern correction in my now-incorrect body position.  Yoda put it another way when he told everyone’s favorite hero-dolt, “For the Jedi it is time to eat as well!”

You see, you can’t be anywhere else but Here, doing what you are doing Now and the only one who appreciates how amazing your future self is you.  And even if you achieve your future Amazing self, you will still find that there is an even more Amazing you that you are then dreaming about.

So grab your body by your control outputs, listen to your sensor inputs and do what you are doing right now to your very best, for you will never have this opportunity again!

2. Focus

Not just in science!

“Do, or do not; there is no try.”  If you intend to cut carrots, cut carrots with your whole self.  If you are reading a book, read a book with your whole self.  If you are talking with somebody, talk with your whole self.

See if this sounds familiar: You are conversing with an acquaintance and your schedule says you should be going on to your next activity.  The conversation goes on and you find your eyes drifting away from contact or getting more intensely focused on theirs in an attempt to subliminally signal that you need to go.  “Uh huh” and “yeah, yeah” or something similar become your responses as you are thinking ahead to how to exit this conversation and what you will be doing when you are done.  What are you doing then?

Not talking to them.  If you need to stop the conversation, be honest about that to yourself and them by just ending the conversation, preferably politely.  Do what you are doing right Now, fully.  Be cautious of always looking to the future, the horizon.  Focus on what you are doing, where you are going.

3. Do the Impossible

‘Nuff said.

Your imagination is suuuuuuppper powerful: it can take you places you would never normally visit, bring forth solutions to new problems and allows you to expand on what you are experiencing.  But when it comes down to implementing that brilliant idea you just had it also is great about exploring other opportunities to avoid the work needed to do it.  Soon it has created this list of impossibilities that make it harder and harder to make it happen.

I often think that everything that could ever be done in this world has been done in some general way or another.  This is both a depressing and relieving thought, as that means total uniqueness is impossible and also that everything is totally possible to do.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the Internet: if it has been thought of it exists out there, you just have to look.

So when you find your impossible, remember that your mind is biased against you; don’t let be with you what cannot be done.  You will have to perspire a lot, but your thoughts only control you if you let them.  And being open to unthought-of solutions to your current challenges helps a little, too.

Wrap Up

Yeah animations!

There you have it, three subtle truths Star Wars gave to a wide-eyed and star struck audience.  Until next time, may the Mass X Acceleration be with you!

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