Reset, Res-et, Re-Set

Hi everybody!

I (and Reworks) am proud to announce the Reworks Reset video help guide adventure. Semi-weekly (or whenever the film crew gets back from Endor) I will be posting a fun, useful and hopefully educational video tidbit for your viewing pleasure.

Last week we had the Introduction video, which I hope you enjoyed immensely. This week, we are tackling Pokemon Go and how some self care, forethought and massage can help you Catch Em All:

The research crew does apologize for coming up short on valuable information related to socializing on your Poke-ventures. No bothans were harmed in the struggle, but a few might have been bumped and bruised a little.

ALSO:  Come join me this weekend (August 20th & 21st) at Board Game Republic for their Grand Opening!  There will be hourly drawings, half off gaming fees, tourneys, drink and food specials and, of course, excellent massage.

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